Saturday, 6 September 2014

Cats Pyjamas

So yesterday was casual Friday and only a half day working day which meant I can go pick up the kids after school. I hadn't given too much thought on what I was wearing - the weird not summer not autumn sort of cool but humid weather we have been having has been playing havoc on what I should wear. I had to rush out once this week to buy something else to wear as I was sweltering in wool trousers.

Uniqlo has a great range in store and I love wearing their lounge trousers for that pyjama vibe - skinny jeans that leaves seam marks when you take them off is not a good look!

I also couldn't resist the printed silk shirt in a camouflage print, machine washable whats not to like?

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Meal for One and other pleasures

So tonight I have scarffed down a ready meal lasagne thoughtfully provided by t'husband, made a Pimms and just about ready to watch the Great British Bake Off, uninterrupted by said husband and small children. They have thankfully departed for the in laws to see in the remaining Summer (4am start).

I'm revelling in my Oneness and apart from the Ocado Man this evening I am on my lonesome and loving it. In anticipation of just eating what I want, when I want the next few days; I got a little carried away with my hic n click on line shopping (as described in Grazia).

A lot of eggs will be consumed - Twin 1 is still allergic to eggs so Its rare I get to use them in recipes and I have treated myself to blue ones...Blinis with sour cream and lumpfish roe (poor mans caviar), moussaka, Thai broth mussels, got an around the world cuisine theme going on in my fridge! #simplepleasures

Afterwards rather than tackle the daunting pile of uniforms that need hand sewn labels I shall snuggle down and catch up with some mags and catalogues. Try out some new Decleor lotions and potions that had arrived earlier in the day - a more sucessful online purchase.

twosp x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wearable Fitness devices

Soooo I thought I would buy for t'husband a useful birthday present (a month before his birthday he gets a burst of energy and hits the gym) and I have been checking out several options available in the Fitness Tracker Device World. This one here modelled by moi is the Misfit Shine available from www.misfitwearable.com

To make sure if this was something the other half would appreciate and use, I thought I would 'test' it and try it on for a week....totally a Marge's bowling ball present ( ep Simpsons).

A week in and I am impressed, love how small and discreet it is. Normally I clip it onto my bra strap so its hidden under my clothes. But today I forgot to wear my watch so its on the rubber strap that comes with the device. Two double finger taps to see your activity progress followed by the time glowing lights.

The aluminium case is so smooth and tactile like a Lauderee macaroon. Download the app to your smart phone to get the tracker data blue toothed over. It synced in with my iPhone5s with no problems.

What I like about the Misfit Shine is the progress report you get throughout the day, you don't need to keep checking your phone app; just a light two taps and small lights appear around the edge indicating how much activity you have done so far.

On the app, you get more details of steps taken, calories used, distanced covered. Confirms I'm not as lazy as I thought I was! You can see where I ran for the train to get to work! Also this little gadget can track sleeping patterns, last few nights have been incredibly hot and loud thunderstorms have interrupted my deep sleep. It's a great way to convince me to go to bed earlier to ensure I get my beauty sleep ;-)

I may need to purchase another one since I' m far too attached now to give it back.

NB I purchased the fitness device with my own money, all my thoughts are my own

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Looking Sporty/being sporty

I would have looked the part at the kids Sports Day, my new Adidas running shoes (Net a Porter clearance sale purchase), proper chafe free leggins and sports bra by Sweaty Betty but I am the least sporty person known on earth and would have come last in the mum's race! Luckily rain stopped play and it was canceled due to heavy rain. I saved the kids from being traumatised with my coming last status.

Oh well now that Net a Porter has launched Net a Sporter: we can all look the part at least of being fit and healthy and I can carry on slobbering around but still remain chic. Comfort and style whats not to love?

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer time

So I have an hour to kill whilst Curly Haired Beauty is at her contemporary dance class and I've already made the most of it by scoffing down a burrito, frozen yoghurt and thinking a Pimms might go down very nicely too. So many lovely calorific street food places here on the South Bank. What would Larry say (Laurence Olivier)???

I should have snapped a photo last month of his statue. Some prankster left a bunch of bananas balanced on his sword. What would he think now of the cultural centre of London with the theatres, art galleries and concert halls now jostling with the street food vendors, restaurants and bars?

I do love London when Summer does arrive; this part along the river becomes a pleasure garden to amble, stroll leisurely, take in the scene and be seen. There are not enough traffic free places in the centre of London where you can just chill and walk at your own speed.

Monday, 7 July 2014

9 years ago today

So much has happened these last few years and I think I have finally made peace in myself (PTSS) after the horrors of being caught up in the 7/7 London underground bombings that took place 9 years ago. My heart still go out to those who lost loved ones or were maimed and wounded, their bravery to continue and carry these deep scars.

That morning we all left for work/school all buoyed up after hearing the wonderful news London was the winning city to host the 2012 Olympics. Our lives forever turned upside down after the action of warped individuals to cause as much deaths and destruction on a summers day.

Today I celebrate the life I now have, with the children I thought I would never have. Be thankful for every day is my mantra. Be Strong. Let's live in Peace.

twosp xxx

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Silent Running

It's summer and its raining! Having come inside to seek shelter from the wet I've stumbled onto a screening of a classic Charlie Chaplin movie here at the South Bank. An unexpected but pleasurable surprise.

I used to watch these at the weekend as a kid when TV consisted of 3 channels and used to switch off for a break with only a test card left on the screen.

If I try and show the kids one of these silent black and white movies, they would think the telly was broken! I used feel very sorry for the 'Little Tramp' he never got the girl and tried to elevate himself out of his social situation. I am sure Chaplin was trying to make some sort of comment on depression era society. His character certainly made him a wealthy man!

Monday, 9 June 2014

New hangout

Hi everyone if you are still out there, the change from working part-time to full time had taken its toll and this blog has been neglected some what.

But my social life had improved and last week I went along to a hotel show around for the newly opened Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, its part if the Firmdale chain, so lots quirky designed rooms by Kit Kemp, great customer care and a bonus for central London: beautiful covered roof terrace and a great basement stuffed full of entertainment including bowling alley, screening rooms, spa, bars etc.

This is going to be my new favourite hangout after work!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Little Night Music

Last night was Date Night for D and I, we headed into the City of London (and got lost) near the Barbican to a newish concert Hall at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama to listen to Bach. A very cultural and pleasant evening hearing the harpsichord and orchestra.

The concert hall was shiny and new with wood panelling and very good acoustics. I don't think there would be a bad seat inside as everything was clear as a bell and I had never heard some of the pieces 'live' before. When Air on a G string (snigger) was played I did frantic gestures to D pretending to smoke a cigar as in the Hamlet advert of old! That piece was used to great effect in a James Bond movie - my knowledge of classical scores are film, TV, advert based references. No shame in that!! For most people that would be their first exposure to classical music.

Afterwards we were over taken with hunger pains and as it was so wet out we skipped the Chiswell Street Dining Rooms headed for the tube and got out in South London for a meaty pit stop at Byron Burgers. I went for the Miami Slice which has paprika mayo and D stuck to his cheese burger with swiss cheese. Courgette fries and regular fries were consumed with gusto.

All in all a great night just the two of us sans enfant. I can still recall the child free days, holidays 3 times a year.... those were the days.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Home made pop tarts

If you have been indulging in eating chocolate Easter eggs over the last few days but still have too many uneaten ones. Try this idea, its similar to pop tarts (but with less E numbers!). I've omitted coating the pastries with icing and sprinkles - the kids don't need the extra sugar rush but you can do :-)

PS. I've been trying to post onto my blog using my iphone, but not sure its looking quite right yet so bear with me...