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Hair Toil Part 3

My hair is now in a Bob style, chopped off a lot of length (only 3 people at the office noticed!) and for the last fortnight I have been treating it with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to get it in super good condition for the assault of bleach and dyes to transition to grey. If it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn its good enough for me! The aim was to gain some silver lights to help blend in the white hairs when I stopped dyeing my hair black.

Well it did not go according to plan ... my stubborn white hairs did not take the grey metallic dye and the bleach process did not lift the black colour out enough (even though I did it twice) and was left with ginger hair! Maybe I should have used a more powerful bleach rather than the kit by L'Oreal Colorista Effects Ombre kit . The first attempt left my hair red even though I left the developer on for the full 45 minutes and followed the instructions really carefully. Look at me giving the evil eye lol

So I attempted to repeat the proce…

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