Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Marie-Chantal London Sample Sale

If you happen to be in Notting Hill (and why not) then drop into the Marie-Chantal sample sale to kit out your little darlings...

Image from Marie Chantal website

Starts 23 July to 25th July from 10am - 6pm, 61A Ledbury Road Notting Hill London W11 2AA

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Ted Baker London Sample Sale

On 22 July - 24 July  Ted Baker has a sample sale on; so if you happen to be in the Camden area head onto the Camden Centre , Camden Town Hall, Judd Street WC1H 9JE. Opens from 8am to 7pm. I've heard suits starts from £90, Dresses from £30 plus accessories

Image from their facebook page

Kim Sears is a fan of the brand and you may have spotted her in several ensembles during Wimbledon and other tennis tournaments supporting her husband Andy Murray.

Credit for image from here

Monday, 20 July 2015

Duchamp London Sample Sale

For the men in your life, they get a sample sale too. Head over to the The Music Room, in South Molton Lane W1 (nearest tube NewBond Street) to get some smart menswear by Duchamp.
Tuesday 21st July from 9am - 8pm.

Images from their website

Monday, 13 July 2015

Bag lady - for the OCD in me

I've been doing my bit for the environment, taking reusable bags with me to the shops. I have the string net ones, canvas tote ones, cooler bags - all accumulated over the years. I have a particular favourite bag given to me by my aunt from HK. It's shaped like a strawberry when folded up which you can buy  here - perfect to keep in your daily handbag for lunch time trips to Boots etc.

Ocado still delivers our weekly shop but t'husband still likes to go out and shop for food as he always complain I never order anything exciting to eat. I have to remind him that the Ocado delivery is more for the bulky stuff e.g. loo rolls, cleaning stuff, jars and canned goods. It's a leftover legacy from when I used to have to order a mountain of nappies for the babies and couldn't get out of the house - please don't troll me about why I didn't use terry cloth nappies - first baby came in the wintertime and I had no where to wash and dry them all, second pregnancy I had twins and there was no way I had the energy and time to clean reusable nappies with 3 under 3!

Anyhow back to bags...the OCD inside me hate the fact all the bags are different shapes, colours etc. I mean the string ones are good for carrying fruit (but if you place them on the floor they can't hold their shape so it all spills out), the canvas ones are great for cereal boxes and square sized packages; but nothing matches! Grrrr #firstworldproblems

I've been looking on-line to see what's out there rather than get a hideous branded 'bag for life' one from the supermarket. Isn't the internet a wonder place for shopping *sigh*.

I came across these by Reisenthel who are a Germany company that makes colourful bags for all your shopping needs. Shipping to the UK from Germany is a flat rate of €8.95 and I think these would make great fun house warming gifts or for newlyweds if you filled them up with thoughtful goodies. Maybe you have an older child who is flying the nest and going away to Uni - you can fill a basket with store cupboard essentials and they can re-use their bags when they have to fend for themselves.

Mini Maxi Basket €29.95

reisenthel® bottlebag kiwi green
 € 9.95 Bottle Bag (if you read the reviews - there is a hysterical one: perfect for carrying wines onto your yacht) 

9,95 €

bottlebag ruby dots9,95 €
reisenthel® easyshoppingbag red red
Easy Shopping bag €16.95, this one clips onto your shopping trolley when you open up the top

reisenthel® coolerbag dots black
Cooler bag €29.95 double insulated inside perfect for chilled goods and picnics 
Happy Shopping
twosp x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Perfect Heels

If you've been suffering from cracked dry heels from wearing clogs (like I have), flip flops and other summer footwear. Then treat your plate of meats to This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm

Image from This Works website

It's the only foot cream I have ever used that has given instant results that literally transforms your sore cracked dry scaly hard skin (sorry for giving you that mental image!).  Rub in liberally to the heels and any other dry spots like around the big toe. Even t'husband has been impressed in how his feet had softened up. I have caught the curly haired beauty helping herself to the balm...not that she has any problems but wanted to get in on the act I suppose?

Currently on sale on the website £12 down from £16 - a tube I had lasted a year but I will be ordering another.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Eating out - Crystal Palace

If you ever find yourself South of the River in London and need to stop to refuel, you can do no better than at The Crystal Palace Market. It's a restaurant with a fishmongers and butchers attached, using locally sourced ingredients. The staff are warm and friendly and you can see into the open plan kitchen and the chefs at work. Tap water in carafes are brought to the table and the service was speedy.

I had the Crayfish roll and side salad (came with crispy skinny fries just out of shot)
t'husband ordered the Dover Sole , which was grilled to perfection, on par with the ones served at English's in Brighton (my fave seaside seafood place). 

If you're not into seafood, there is an extensive burger menu. I think we'll be heading back to check out the breakfast menu 

A Bonus - proper Air con inside - what joy to escape the heatwave.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Essential Denim and shoe sample sale

MiH Jeans and Penelope Chilvers have teamed up for a one-day sample sale where you can shop at up to 75% off.
On 8 July 2015 (8am-8pm) at MiH Jeans, The Studios, 186 Shepherds Bush Road, London, W6 7NL.
Entry: £2 for charity The Haven.
Time to make some fashion investments for the next season ahead - is anyone else over 'Summer' yet? This heat has been sapping all my energy! I know I shouldn't complain but public transport is not cut out for heatwaves. 
Image from their website

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Cheeky Nandos

A little late into the MEME but this week I had to pop out at lunchtime for a Cheeky Nandos! - yeah I was so keen to start on my chicken, I took a few bites before I remembered to take a snap shot!

I normally take a packed lunch into work but sometimes you can't beat a bit of grilled chicken in a Portuguese roll served with fries. Gotta have fries to make it cheeky!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Browns Bridal Sample Sale

Planning a wedding? Sharpen those elbows and head to the Browns bridal sample sale , where you can find dresses from Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Delphine Manivet, Johanna Johnson and more.
6-7 July 2015 (11am-6pm) at 12 Hinde Street, London, W1U 3BE.
Note: no appointment necessary.
If I could have my wedding again - I would love something lacey like this chic Monica LHullier dress. 

Image from website 
My guilty viewing pleasure is watching 'Don't Tell the Bride'  pure car crash TV where the groom is in charge of arranging the wedding and spending the budget...